Oil and Gas investment

Prodigy plays a important role in Oil and Gas investment. For Oil and Gas investment you should know about prodigy oil and gas investment and its operations. Even though some of Prodigy wells are operated by unaffiliated companies (both public and private) we do house our own operation company (Rock Solid Operations).

Rock Solid Operations is an RRC registered Oil and Gas operator in the state of Texas, newly formed in 2006 with former executives from Unocal, Shell and BP, combined they have over 89 years of experience in the petroleum industry.

The tasks Rock Solid performs for Prodigy Oil and Gas are as follows:

  • Land and Leasing Activity
  • Data Collection, Resistivity Reports, Core Logs, Seismic
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Well Log Interpretations
  • Reservoir Evaluations
  • Pipeline Access Work
  • Site Preparation
  • Drilling and Workover Supervision
  • Drilling and Workover reporting
  • Production Filings
  • RRC compliance

Rock Solid is located in the same geographic location as Prodigy Oil and Gas. The company focuses on operating onshore, domestic drilling in Texas and Louisiana. In doing so, they focus on projects which have a higher tendency to yield reserves based on geological and reservoir engineering analysis in areas where production was or is prevalent.

Rock Solid emphasizes cost controls in all aspects of the business. Rock Solid is able to control operating and drilling costs, as well as manage the timing of development and exploration activities, by being aligned with the drilling concerns of Prodigy. This operating control also provides greater flexibility in timing and funding of new capital expenditures.

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